Live & Jive International Winter Rock'n'Roll Weekender is filled with 2 whole days of Wild, Savage, Rockin’ Bands, DJ’s, Vendors, & more! It all takes place in Katrineholm, Sweden where the entire town center turns into a rock'n'roll city for the weekend!

Be apart of a legendary show which has now grown into one of the biggest parties of the year! With 2 days, 6 bands, 4 dj’s, 3 bars, 2 stages, 2 dance floors, restaurants, vendors... you don’t want to miss the fun!

Live & Jive started out in February 1997 at the venue Amazon in Flen, Sweden. About one and a half hrs south of Stockholm. From the beginning it was a strict rockabilly festival and among the first bands to perform you could find acts such as Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers, The Go Getters, Phil Trigwell, Ike & The Capers, The Barnshakers.

For the first three years, Live & Jive was promoted twice a year, but later on it was moved out of the city to the beautiful countryside and Okna magasin where it was only promoted once a year in the summertime, and also welcomed a wider range of music including psychobilly, surf, country and blues. People and bands from all over the world have always been frequent visitors and guests thru out the years and have gained the festival the reputation as the most popular “authentic” rock'n'roll show in Sweden. The show also gained popularity as a “lifestyle event” with a lot of vendors, american cars, bikes, two stages, and drink and food tents. Thousands of people camped out and Live & Jive grew rapidly and quickly and almost out of control.